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Manufacture and Application of Neonatal Phototherapy Eye Mask

Li Shu Yun

(Liaoning Medical College)

Phototherapy is one of the effective methods to treat neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. The principle is to irradiate the skin with blue light of 420-470 nm, change the structure of lipid-soluble conjugated bilirubin into bilirubin isomers and photoisomers, which are easy to be excreted from bile and urine. The biggest side effect of phototherapy is that blue light damages the retina and genitals of the children, so it is necessary to wear blindfolds and cover the perineum to prevent the damage of the retina and testis by direct blue light irradiation. Some hospitals often use simple black cloth strips to cover the neonates when they are illuminated by blue light. On the one hand, this method often fails to ensure the effective completion of the whole course of treatment due to improper fixation or because the cloth strips fall off, which results in damage to the fundus of the eyes of the neonates; on the other hand, when the illumination ends, the cloth is removed and the skin of the temporal region is damaged. Children cry endlessly, causing physical harm to children, psychological and mental harm to parents, but also inconvenience to the work of medical workers. For this reason, the author elaborately developed a simple, convenient, comfortable and good shading phototherapy eye mask, which is introduced as follows:

1 Making Material

X-ray film packaging bags (black, special plastic material), black cotton flannel, nylon buckles, scissors, black sutures, stitches.

2. Production method

Cut the packaging bag of X-ray film into 45.Ocm X 5.Ocm size, cut the "lens" into 8.Ocm X 5.Ocm ellipse, 8.Ocm X 1.8cm on one side of the mirror leg and 20.Ocm X 1.8cm on the other side. The connection between "lens" and "nose bracket" and "mirror leg" should move slowly. See Figure 1. Fig. 1 Samples cut from X-ray film packaging bags

Cut black cotton flannel according to method 1, as shown in Figure 2.


Two samples of different textures, Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, are completely overlapped and stitched together.

The front and back of 5.Ocm X 1.8cm nylon buckle were sewn at both ends of the long and short bands to make the finished product, as shown in Figure 3.

3 Usage Method

The velvet was pasted on the face of the child, and the two ends of the mirror leg were fixed on the temporal side of the child with nylon buckle. According to the size of the head and neck of the child, nylon buckle is used to adjust the elasticity. It is suitable for the child to be comfortable and not easy to fall off. Figure 2 Black cotton flannel cut sample, Figure 3 Neonatal phototherapy eye mask

4 advantages

Photo film packaging bags (black, special plastic material) have a certain degree of toughness, good shading effect, not easy to break, no stimulation and side effects on children. Pure cotton black velvet fabric is soft, sweat absorption, comfortable, does not produce any irritation and damage to the face and head skin, can absorb eye endocrine, keep the eye clean, avoid local irritation and infection.

The eyemask is fixed steadily to ensure the effective completion of the whole course of treatment. It can not only prevent the damage of visible light to the eyes, but also prevent the phototherapy of the head, and can adjust the size according to the head and neck of the child. After X-ray film is used, the packaging bag becomes waste. Using this to make eye mask plays a role in waste utilization. It is economical and economical. It can be used once or again after disinfection.

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